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Tec guarantees in each of his services, the maximum quality of the installations and the equipments. 

We have an engineering and project management department, a sales department that will guide and advise you both before and during the work, a team of specialised technicians to carry out the installation and we complete the set with a 24 hour technical support service and preventive maintenance service.

Air-conditioning and climate control units: We are specialised in installing climate control systems for the hotel industry, retail premises, offices, homes, industrial pavilions, labs, cinemas, libraries…

Industrial refrigeration: Water cooling solutions for production systems and refrigeration with tempered water loops, designed according to the needs of productions or air conditioning (confort).

Ventilation and air renewal: Air renewal systems in offices, retail premises and garages, following the Regulations for thermal installations in buildings (in Spanish, RITE) bassed on energy efficiency criteria to save costs to the final user. 

Smoke extraction for boilers and fireplaces: Installing extractor hoods in retail premises, bars and restaurants.

Control of technical processes with updating new programming languages to facilitate the use and control of facilities.

Preventive and corrective maintenance performed by our own technicians. 

Projects and legalizations

Energy savings: facility design and use of machinery with energy rattings A++ for sustainable energy consumption. 

Environmentrigorous application of the rules in force for the conservation of the environment, both filter systems and the use of refrigerants R-410A, R-407c, R-134a, R-404a. (Kioto and París)